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Someone, get the popcorn!

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is the older brother of , and he is just as malicious as his down facing brother. For the most part, he is much like his lil' bro, but without his ability where he launches himself like a spear, as it's twice as useless as ↓'s. However, he can make people float into spikes or other deadly things in turn, which make it all better.

If they both do The Fusion Dance, they become , in this form, however, they are completely benevolent and help stuck elevators move. ↑ always faces up because of an internal gyroscope, same goes with ↓, helping him always face down. the two also are somewhat Trolls, as if ↑ is on the bottom and ↓ is on top, they can make someone stay stuck in midair for as long as they want until they get bored and drop them into a pit or throw them into spikes.

Sometimes ↓ does not like seeing ↑ because he can be a bully to poor ↓, and that's not nice. Also, watch out for signs he is on, as they probably won't be safe signs to walk by.

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