Клиенты в России is a episode of Clangers


Tiny Clanger is watching stars pass by as a killer is murdering the rest of the Clangers, Tiny did not care, until she finds a piece of paper with notes on them, she plays it, and then she starts levitating of the ground, she then transforms into full commie Clanger. She realises she just played the USSR anthem, and plays it again. This time all orchestrated, it revives all of the Clangers, summons Lenin and two other communists and sends the killer flying away, into the sun, the Clangers congratulate Tiny, only to see shes a communist now, they tell her communism is bad (which it isn't,) but she dosen't listen, a montage shows of her acting Russian everywhere she goes (getting soup, making Blue String Pudding with Mother Clanger, etc) and later starts speaking Russian, she even does a ritual to summon Joseph Stalin! The Clangers had enough of this, so Major Clanger goes into his workshop and makes German Translators, cut black cloths into squares and buys pretzels. Then as Tiny Clanger gets Stalin's phone number, Granny Clanger puts one of the cloths under her trunk, making her look like Adolf Hitler, she then pops out and says, "Russian is tasty!" in German, Tiny screams in Russian and hides in her room, as Stalin shoots Granny. Tiny locks her door, but realised it was a tin lid and it couldn't lock, Small Clanger pops in and yells, "Want a pretzel?" in German, holding one up to her face, Stalin shoots Small and they escape, only to get cornered by Major and Mother, Major asks if she'd like to play Russian Roulette, she says yes, and gets shot immediately, a pretzel hits Stalin and he explodes, Mother and Major celebrate, only for Dr. Robotnik to break their necks. Azure turns into gas and Tiny falls through the ground.


This episode was loved by USSR and WW2 meme fans, but parents thought it spreaded Russian propaganda. Russians found it very stereotypical and despised Stalin's death.


  • Azure (post-split) and Captain один make a cameo during the orchestrated USSR anthem scene.
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