A Γ with Rainbowitis.

Cquote1 Gamma is Γ! Cquote2

Γ (Gamma in English) is a member of ABΓΔEZHΘIKΛMNΞOΠPΣTYΦXΨΩ and the general of the sub-group. He has powers to swim in hurricanes and fire a watery LAZ0R! He is Aqua Man's master who taught him everything he needed to know, and is a relative of L (which makes him a Greek wa- version of L) and a closer one to C (since he is teh Greek version). He likes energy drinks such as JUICE and likes lot'sa Mountain Dew and Sprite all at absolute zero (how cold are his drinks?).

Γ is also Waluigi's mascot, as we was jealous of Luigi having an L. Gamma is currently in a rivalry with L due to this, even though this is all an act to make Waluigi happy. L and Gamma are actually good friends, though we have seen L slap Gamma multiple times.

Gamma lives in Number Island, as he fears the letters, but for some reason wishes he was a number. Some people have suggested Gamma become a number, but 2 said no. This is because 2 has yet to accept 9's death, and does not want him replaced.

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