! before he lost some weight.

! is an ancient Punctuation Warrior from a long time ago. He was born when the Roman Empire was real, not just a bed-time story that could make one Bored to Death. ! is now an ally of ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ because he has nothing better to do. He sometimes helps them show their excitement by slapping himself into the end of their words.

! lived in the Roman Empire for a hundred years, and he helped the soldiers scream really really loudly. Thanks to him, they struck fear into the hearts of enemies, winning them many wars. But then ! somehow got himself stuck in a block of ice, and was frozen for thousands of years. They only unfroze him recently, so now he lives in now-time.

! has been charged seven times for illegal Coffee over-consumption. He just started screaming at the judge, and then randomly flew away due to the coffee's side affects. ! is now a known fugitive, but the only way to catch him is to start screaming. He will appear at the end of every sentence.

Let's catch him. GET OVER HERE YOU STUPID EXCLAMATION POINT! It worked. We found him. But he flew away because now we're talking normal. Oh well. Maybe you can find !. If so, there is a $2 reward for finding him. It's not much (actually, it's hardly anything), but it's money.


A wild ! appeared! What do you want to do?
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